Hot Sauce Reviews

Butch’s Hot Stuff Hot Sauce – Spanish Ana

I bought this sauce at a local street fair in Metuchen NJ, celebrating the town’s win for 2023 Main Street of the Year award. Butch’s is local to central New Jersey, and this products show up a lot of these types of events.

Spanish Ana is very tasty, it doesn’t have a thick consistency, but it has a very rich tomato taste. The flavor is vey much in line with it’s name, very Spanish foody. The heat comes on fast, burns a little, and dissipates quickly. I’ve tried in on a variety of foods, beef, chicken, cheese, eggs, and it went nicely with all of them. It doesn’t over power anything it tastes good, stings and goes away for the next bite.

If you are looking for flavor this is a good choice…if you’re looking for pain and suffering this isn’t the sauce for that…but other Butch’s sauces can deliver that.

Heat vs Flavor – Flavor

Heat Factor – 6

Heat linger – Short

Would use it again – Yes