Food Review

Tijuana Mama Picked Sausage (Orange)

I picked up this treat at Dollar Tree. There are 2 styles, the 400% spicier orange package, and the 400% less spicy yellow. Obviously I picked the spicy one…of course the question may be why would you pick either. I will say of all the Dollar Store spicy pickled sausages I’ve had, this one was the best (out of 1).

Surprisingly it actually wasn’t bad…I don’t know if there will be a second attempt, but still…not bad. It does pack a kick, first the pickled sourness hits you, then after a few seconds the heat saunters up. The spice does make compliment the pickleness. The heat does build over the 4 bites it takes to finish the sour/hot/room temperature hot dog (which is the right amount of bites), and then both flavors stay with you so you get your $1.25 worth. The pickle flavor leaves first, so just the small fire in the back of your mouth remains for a few minutes longer. It was enough to make my scalp sweat, in case a pickled sausage breathed middle aged man wasn’t attractive enough.

All in all I’m happy for the experience, although I don’t see trying a less spicy version worth while…but wen Tijuana Mama comes out with the 800% verion I’m there.